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6.14 Show mouse

Name: »Show mouse«
Line-A number: $A009
Syntax: See 'Bindings for show_mouse'
Description: This Line-A function switches on the mouse pointer again. If the first value of the intin field is set to 0, then the mouse pointer will be switched on at once. If the value is non-0, the function works as in normal mode; in that case Show mouse has to be called as often as Hide mouse was called to make the mouse pointer visible again.
Return value: The function does not return a result.
Availability: All TOS versions.
See also: Binding   Hide mouse

6.14.1 Bindings for show_mouse

Pure-C: void show_mouse( int16_t flag );
Assembler: It is assumed that the intin field has already been entered in the Line-A parameter block.
movem.l   D0-D2/A0-A2,-(A7)  ; Save registers
move.l    pParamblk,A0       ; Pointer parameter block LINEA
move.w    (8,A0),A1          ; intin to A1
move.w    flag,(A1)          ; Flag to intin[0]
dc.w      $A009              ; Line-A opcode
movem.l   (A7)+,D0-D2/A0-A2  ; Restore registers

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