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6.17 Undraw sprite

Name: ğUndraw spriteĞ
Line-A number: $A00C
Syntax: See 'Bindings for undraw_sprite'
Description: This Line-A function deletes a sprite and restores the screen. The function must be passed the same sprite-save block that was also passed to Draw sprite and in which Draw sprite saves the screen under the sprite. The register A6 is destroyed.
Return value: The function does not return a result.
Availability: All TOS versions.
See also: Binding   Transform mouse   Draw sprite

6.17.1 Bindings for undraw_sprite

Pure-C: typedef int16_t SSB[10 + 4 * 64];

void undraw_sprite( SSB *ssb );
movem.l   D0-D2/A0-A2/A6,-(A7) ; Save registers
move.l    ssb,A2               ; Sprite-save block to A2
dc.w      $A00C                ; Line-A opcode
movem.l   (A7)+,D0-D2/A0-A2/A6 ; Restore registers

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