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11.8 Special error-messages in MagiC

The alternative operating system MagiC has some error-messages that are not present under normal TOS:

When any of these errors occur, they are displayed directly on the screen in capital letters.

See also: GEMDOS error-messages   BIOS and XBIOS error-messages

11.8.1 Fatal error while booting


Remedy: Reinstall system, remove hard disk driver, boot from floppy disk, deactivate AUTO-folder.

11.8.2 Fatal error in gemdos


Remedy: Depending on circumstances.

11.8.3 Out of internal memory

Cause: The system request to open a file, a directory or a drive partition can not be executed because the internal memory blocks are fully occupied.

Remedy: If the problem does not disappear when one copies ADDMEM two or three times under different names into the AUTO-folder, then the cause is a user program that, for instance, does not close files or folders (missing Fclose or Dclosedir).

11.8.4 Memory block destroyed by user program

Cause: A user program has overwritten an allocated block of memory or a 'foreign' block of memory.

Remedy: The user program can not be used under MagiC. Although it may appear to work under TOS or MultiTOS, its use is risky as the results are indeterminate.

11.8.5 Fatal error in aes


Remedy: Depending on circumstances.

11.8.6 System stack overflow

Cause: The system stack of a user program has overflowed.

Remedy: Compared to TOS the stack in MagiC 3 is many times larger, so the cause can only be a program running amok or a defective driver (TSR-program or device driver). Remove faulty programs!

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