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11.10 Iconification in MagiC

MagiC(from Version 3.0 onwards), like MultiTOS, permits the iconification of windows. One should note the following for this:

The algorithm for setting the position of the iconified windows works in a different way to MultiTOS; MagiC searches through the current positions of already iconified windows and places the new window in a free position. A position is free only if it does not intersect with the new position.

The AES explicitly sends a redraw message during un-/iconification, even if the size has not altered. The iconified window has as its components only a Mover and a title. Its total size comprises (as under MultiTOS) 72x72 pixels in all. This size should however not be taken as fixed; it could possibly change in later versions. For this reason the size of an iconified window should be obtained from the WM_ICONIFY message, or with wind_get(WF_ICONIFY).

See also: wind_get   wind_set   WM_ICONIFY   WM_ALLICONIFY   WM_UNICONIFY   Shortcuts

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