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11.16 The task-manager of MagiC

With the task-manager of MagiC one can perform various tasks, such as the freezing, unfreezing or terminating processes, for instance. The task-manager is called by the [Control]-[Alternate]-[Esc] key combination. After the call a list of all programs in memory appears, which is built up as follows:

Note: Below this list there is a menu making a series of commands available for controlling the system. Since the mouse is unavailable, selection must be made by pressing the listed shortcut key (shown below each command). In detail:

Command Meaning
Control MagiC attempts to give the selected application control over the screen and mouse - this may help with deadlocks in some circumstances
freeze The selected application is frozen; it is then invisible to all other programs and is not assigned any CPU time
OK Return to normal operation; the task-manager is exited without performing any action
prev, next One line of the above-mentioned list is always shown in inverse video - which one this is can be set with the cursor up/down keys; any following commands refer to the application that is selected in this way. Applications with a set ID can also be seleceted by typing in the corresponding number.
Switch The menu bar of the selected application will be activated
Terminate The selected application is kicked out of the memory, which usually results in all of its data being lost; sometimes this may lead to a crash, so this function should be used with particular care
unfreeze With this command the frozen applicationen is unfrozen again; you can then continue your work at the position where it was frozen previously

See also: Process functions   U:\\PROC

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