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16.3 Development systems

The following list is a lineup of all programming languages and development systems for TOS-compatible operating systems that I know about. No claim is made for completeness.

Type Name Manufacturer/Distributor
Application Builder • ACSpro Maxon Computer GmbH
APL • APL.68000 MicroAPL
Assembler • Devpac HiSoft, R.O.M. Software
  • Devpac-DSP HiSoft
  • DSPdit Crac, TSCC
  • Easy Rider Andreas Borchard, Osnabrück
  • Pure Application Systems
  • TurboAss Freeware, Markus Fritze
Basic • GFA-Basic GFA, Richter Distributor
  • HiSoft-Basic HiSoft
  • Omikron-Basic Omikron
C • GNU Freely available (GNU licence)
  • Lattice HiSoft, R.O.M. Software
  • Pure Application Systems
  • Sozobon Freeware, Jerry Geiger
C++ • GNU Freely available (GNU licence)
Fortran77+ • Fortran for GEM Prospero, Plünnecke
  • Fortran for TT Prospero, Plünnecke
Functional languages • Clisp Freeware, Michael Stoll
  • Gofer Marc P. Jones
Modula-2 • Hänisch-Modula Modular Systems, Würzburg
  • LPR-Modula Technische Uni München
  • Megamax Thomas Tempelmann
  • Modula-2/68 Ana-Systems Inc.
  • TDI-Modula Modula/2 Soft
Oberon • STJ-Oberon-2 Stephan Junker
Pascal • Maxon-Pascal Maxon Computer GmbH
  • Pascal XSC Numerik Software GmbH
  • Pure Pascal Application Systems
  • ST-Pascal CCD, Walluf
RCS • Interface no|Software
  • ORCS Shareware, Carsten Otto
  • ResourceMaster Armin Diedering

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