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1.2 Old foreword by Rolf Kotzian

This hypertext serves as a reference work for the system functions of the operating systems TOS, MultiTOS, MagiC and MagiC Mac. As one can no longer expect a new edition of the 'Atari-Profibuch', it is getting more and more difficult to obtain structured information about the existing system functions. A well-structured hypertext for ST-Guide can provide a remedy for this and I believe that this version of the hypertext meanwhile will fulfill many requirements.

As the original author, for various reasons, no longer had an interest in maintaining this hypertext, I have taken over further development from Version 3.10 onwards. Unfortunately the Fairware concept that I chose for this hypertext has proved to be a complete flop. As the development of the hypertext is linked not only with a very high expenditure of time but also of money, and I cannot afford to store several megabytes of data free of charge in my mailbox for any length of time, future versions will only be available for payment (and only directly from me). Translator's note: This changed later and the hypertext is at present available free of charge under the conditions described in The GNU General Public Licence.

Naturally it's obvious that I can only include information in the hypertext that I know about. Anyone missing some particular information can therefore assume first that I do not have it at the present time or due to certain circumstances I have not yet got round to including it in the hypertext. I am basically thankful to anyone who can help me with any information, and in that way contribute to make this hypertext as complete and up to date a reference work for TOS/MagiC programming as possible. It should be clear that the potentialities of an operating system can only be fully exploited in programs when this is sufficiently documented - and this is just what this project is intended to realize. In this connection a complete and extensive documentation of the MiNT-library would be most desirable.

I refer at this point specifically to the fact that the information contained in this hypertext does not all originate from my pen, but that an almost uncountable number of sources have been collated, sorted, revised and transformed into the hypertext format. In this connection, my thanks go to Volker Ritzhaupt and Oliver Buchmann (Application Systems Heidelberg), who made available to me important sources of information (MagiC, MagiC Mac and NVDI), as well as Thomas Tempelmann for energetic support for the MagiC Mac specifics.

I have attempted to take the greatest of care in the collation of all information; however I can assume no guarantee for the correctness of the information present in this hypertext. The author can accept no liability for any damage or harm arising from the use of this work. The reproduction of registered or trade names, trade descriptions etc. in this work does not entitle anyone to assume even without special identification that such names may be used freely by anyone without regard to trade mark and related legislation.

Translator's note: Most of the rest of this section no longer applies as the hypertext is at present being distributed free of charge under the conditions described in The GNU General Public Licence.

As mentioned above already, unfortunately the Fairware concept for this hypertext has proved to be a complete failure. For this reason new versions are only available to those who pay and only directly from me. Those who have not so far sent a contribution, but are interested in a current version of the hypertext, may obtain it for a onetime payment of 35.- DM. When an update appears no further payment is required (though I will not turn down any update donations ;-). Money can be transferred to the following account:

Data deleted! (Gerhard Stoll)

For payment I would ask you to note the reason for the payment (e.g. 'TOS-Hypertext') as well as including a complete and legible address. Those with email facilities are advised to also notify me of payment via this. Payment of the above-mentioned 35.- DM will register you with me and you will receive the current version by return on an HD floppy disk (only HD disks will be sent). Future versions can then be ordered for a transfer to my acount of 5.- DM (for diskette, postage and envelope), and are also available for download via the Internet for registered users.

All those interested should specify whether they wish to order a mono or colour version of the hypertext. If this is not stated, I will send the monochrome version. With the colour version you should note the following: This contains graphics with up to 16 colours, which however are only displayed correctly with the ST-Guide version dated 10.12.96. Apart from the difference between monochrome and coloured illustrations, the mono and colour versions of the hypertexts are, of course, fully identical, i.e. they contain the same information.

Normally one should assume that the Bundespost will deliver letters. Besides delays, it has been said that letters and even packages at times suddenly just disappear. For someone who has paid the postage etc., this is, of course, very annoying. I ask for understanding that I can do nothing in such cases, and will send off the hypertext only after a new transfer of 5.-DM to my account.

Praise, criticism, suggestions and bug-reports can reach me by mail to the following address:

Data deleted! (Gerhard Stoll)

Information about the current version of the hypertex can also be obtained via my homepage in the Internet. The URL is:

Data deleted! (Gerhard Stoll)

Important: Due to lack of support by users, the status of the hypertext has been changed once more. The TOS-hypertext is neither Public Domain nor Freeware, and from Version 3.70 on also no longer Fairware. Distribution via PD-collection disks, CD-ROMs, via mailboxes and similar media is not permitted.

In no way do I want to give the impression of only wanting to make money with this project. I certainly won't get rich from this hypertext (and this surely applies also to virtualy all products on the Atari market). But I am of the opinion that those who have used this hypertext since Version 3.10 (and have made use of updates) should think for a minute about the word Fairware, and the (also financial) outlay of this project.

Paderborn, August 1998

Rolf Kotzian

Changes in distribution (as of: November 1998) ———————–

Due to the high expenditure of time in the development of this hypertext I have have till now felt unable to make it available free of charge. Recently the development has unfortunately come to something of a standstill. Reasons:

Job-related stress
Changes in private life
Increasing focus on the Macintosh

As unfortunately no improvement is likely in this regard in the near future, but I would still like to make life a little easier for the remaining Atari programmers, the hypertext is from now on downloadable free of charge via my homepage. Warning: I retain the right to change this again at any time. So possibly later versions of this hypertext will be available again only after payment. Regarding payment: Those using the hypertext and finding it useful may like to send me a contribution of some kind. The following account may be used for this:

Data deleted! (Gerhard Stoll)

With a contribution I would ask you to note the reason for it (e.g. 'TOS-Hypertext') as well as including a complete and legible address.

Paderborn, November 1998

Rolf Kotzian