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3.2 The input/output channels of the BIOS

The following table is a summary of the channels which are known to the BIOS. One should note that further channels can be installed via Bconmap.

Channel Name Meaning
0 PRT Parallel port
1 AUX Serial port
2 CON Console (with VT-52-sequences)
3 MIDI MIDI-port
4 IKBD Intelligent Keyboard processor
5 RAWCON Console (without control characters)
6 —— ST-compatible serial (Modem-1)
7 —— SCC Channel-B (Modem-2)
8 —— TT-MFP (Serial-1)
9 —— SCC Channel-A (Serial-2)

Note: Output via Channel-5 (RAWCON) can be appreciably faster than via Channel-2 (CON), as the control sequences do not have to be evaluated. A further advantage arising from this is a greater supply of characters.

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HomeBIOSAbout the BIOSHooking into the reset vector