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3.6 BIOS error-messages

Errors are reported by the BIOS and XBIOS as negative values. The folllowing list contains all known error-messages:

No. Name Meaning
   0 E_OK OK. No error has arisen
  -1 ERROR Generic error (not specified precisely)
  -2 EDRVNR Addressed device/drive not ready
  -3 EUNCMD The specified command is unknown
  -4 E_CRC Error when reading a sector / CRC error
  -5 EBADRQ Bad request / The device cannot execute the command
  -6 E_SEEK Drive couldn't reach the specified track
  -7 EMEDIA Read error (medium has a wrong boot sector)
  -8 ESECNF Sector was not found
  -9 EPAPER Printer is not ready / Out of paper
 -10 EWRITF Error during a write operation
 -11 EREADF Error during a read operation
 -12 EGENRL General error
 -13 EWRPRO Medium is write-protected
 -14 E_CHNG Medium was changed after a write operation
 -15 EUNDEV Device is not known to the operating system
 -16 EBADSF Bad sectors detected during formatting
 -17 EOTHER Another floppy disk must be inserted. This error only appears if Drive B: is accessed without it being connected. In such a case the user is asked to insert a floppy disk into the first drive.
 -18 EINSERT MetaDOS error: Insert medium
 -19 EDVNRSP MetaDOS error: Device does not reply
-128 SNDNOTLOCK Falcon XBIOS: Sound-system not reserved
-129 SNDLOCKED Falcon XBIOS: Sound-system already reserved

See also: Error-messages in MagiC   GEMDOS error-messages

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