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11 MagiC

... is a largely TOS-compatible operating system from Application Systems Heidelberg, which can offer preemptive multitasking as well as a range of further features. The prime argument for MagiC is doubtless the fact that it is the only (compatible) operating system that is still being developed further (at the time this was written), and in addition offers the use of modern hardware (the Power-PC). The latter was achieved with a port of MagiC to the Apple platform as MagiC Mac. At a later stage, MagiC was also ported to the PC platform under Windows, known as MagiC PC.

This section describes the following points:

Note: One should not hide the fact here that MagiC (at least the earlier versions) has clear weaknesses compared to Atari's MultiTOS: The functionality of the AES Version 4.0 has not been reached yet, many GEMDOS functions are not implemented, and also the interface for installing alternative filesystems can be described as unfortunate in comparison to the MultiTOS solution.

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