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11.4 The AUTOEXEC.BAT file in MagiC

Due to the forwards- or backwards-sorted AUTO folder on the Apple Macintosh (keyword: MagiC Mac) there is now also an alternative for Atari machines:

If a file named AUTOEXEC.BAT is found in the AUTO folder during the boot process, then all programs that are listed in it line-by-line will be executed. Empty lines are permitted, program names will be adopted up to the first space character. Thus comments can be entered (separated by a space character from the programs). The programs may include absolute paths; if these are absent then they will be looked for in the AUTO folder.

The root directory serves here as the current directly, as usual. Due to this feature there is therefore a MagiC-specific AUTO folder collection, as the AUTOEXEC.BAT is ignored by other operating systems.

See also: _autopath   System variables

HomeMagiCExtract from MagiC's BIOSNotes about MagiC's 3D-look