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12.1 form_error in N.AES

The form_error function has been extended in N.AES, so that a sensible message can be output for all GEMDOS errors for a form_error call.

An N.AES form_error code is calculated from a GEMDOS error-code with:

formcode = ~gemdoscode - 30

~ ist bitweises NOT

In the 'form_error codes' table (below) all possible N.AES form_error codes are listed next to the corresponding GEMDOS errors. The first column holds the form_error code and the name of the associated object in the system resource, the second column the corresponding GEMDOS error and the third column a short description of the error.

Please note that not all form_error codes have a GEMDOS error assigned to them.

Code GEMDOS error Meaning
1 ERR_INVFN -32 EINVFN Invalid function
2 ERR_NOTFOUND -33 EFILNF File not found
3 ERR_NOTFOUND -34 EPTHNF Path not found
4 ERR_NHNDL -35 ENHNDL No more handles
5 ERR_ACCDN -36 EACCDN Access denied
6 ERR_IHNDL -37 EIHNDL Invalid handle
8 ERR_NSMEM -39 ENSMEM Insufficient memory
9 ERR_IMBA -40 EIMBA Invalid memory block address
15 ERR_DRIVE -46 EDRIVE Invalid drive specification
17 ERR_XDEV -48 EXDEV Cross device rename
18 ERR_NOTFOUND -49 ENMFIL No more files (fsnext)
27 ERR_LOCKING -58 ELOCKED Record is locked already
28 ERR_LOCKING -59 ENSLOCK Invalid lock removal request
33 ERR_TOSERR -64 ERANGE Range error
34 ERR_INTRN -65 EINTRN Internal error
35 ERR_PLFMT -66 EPLFMT Invalid program load format
36 ERR_GSBF -67 EGSBF Memory block growth failure
49 ERR_LOOP -80 ELOOP Too many symbolic links
50 ERR_PIPE -81 EPIPE Write to a broken pipe

For each of the various form_errors there is also a corresponding alert box in the system resource file N_AESSYS.RSC, whose symbolic constant starts with 'ERR_' and is also listed in the first column of the 'form_error codes' table.

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