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14.3 STEmulator

The STEmulator emulates a Motorola 68000 microprocessor and some of the hardware present in an Atari ST, such as MFP, shifter, MMU or blitter. For use a minimum of a Pentium PC and Windows 95/98/NT is required.

As of Version 1.21 a cookie is created which indicates that the STEmulator is active. It is called STEM and its value points to the following structure at present:

struct _stemu_vars
  int16_t Version;           /* e.g. 0x0121 Version 1.21    */
  int32_t unused             /* 0, currently not used       */

Furthermore cookies are set for the language in use (_AKP), the time display (_IDT), HD floppy drive (_FDC) and the switches (_SWI).

The cookie for the GEMDOS network extension (_FLK) is set and the corresponding GEMDOS functions are present.

The cookie MNAM points to the machine name, here: STEmulator

The STEmulator makes the following GEMDOS functions available:


HomeEmulatorsMagiC PC interfaceTOS2WIN