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16.4 Literature for the TOS operating system

Unfortunately there is no all-encompassing documentation for TOS or operating systems compatible to it, and due to the current market situation one must assume that this will not change in the future.

The list included here makes no claim to completeness; documentation that is only available to registered developers was deliberately not included. Furthermore one should point out that practically all the cited works regarding the current development position (of AES Version 4.x, MiNT, Multi-TOS, MagiC, SpeedoGDOS, NVDI 4.x, etc.) are not only hopelessly outdated, but partly also no longer available.

List of (mainly German) books

• Assembler-Praxis auf Atari ST (TeWi Verlag)
• Atari Compendium (Atari Corp.)
• Atari Profibuch ST-STE-TT (Sybex Verlag)
• Atari-ST Assembler Buch (Markt & Technik)
• Atari ST - Das Floppy Arbeitsbuch (Sybex Verlag)
• Atari-ST GEM (Data Becker)
• Atari-ST Intern (Data Becker)
• C-Programmierung unter TOS (Markt & Technik)
• Das Atari-ST Grafikbuch (Sybex Verlag)
• Das TOS-Listing, BIOS-GEMDOS-VDI (Heise-Verlag)
• GEM-Programmier-Handbuch (Sybex Verlag)
• Programmierung des 68000 (Sybex Verlag)
• Scheibenkleister II - Massenspeicher am ST (Maxon Computer)
• Vom Anfδnger zum GEM-Profi Dieter Geiί, Jόrgen Geiί
  Hόthig Verlag, ISBN 3-7785-2182-9

Translator's note: A few of the listed books are (or rather were) available in English language versions as well.

List of (former) magazines (no longer being published)

• Atari Computing (English) (ACR/Renegade Publishing)
• Atari-Journal (Heim-Verlag)
• Atari ST Review (English)  
• Atari ST User (English) (Europa Publications)
• Atari World (English) (Specialist Magazines)
• Byte (McGraw-Hill)
• c't - Magazin fόr Computertechnik (Heise-Verlag)
• Start (English language) (Antic Publishing)
• ST Applications (English) (ST Club/FaST Club)
• ST-Computer (Heim-Verlag)
• ST Format (English) (Future Publishing)
• ST-Magazin (Markt & Technik)
• ST World (English)  
• TOS - Magazin plus Software (ICP-Verlag)


• Atari ST Machine Language (Abacus Software)
• Compute!'s Technical Reference Guide - Atari ST Vol.1 - VDI (Compute!)
• Compute!'s Technical Reference Guide - Atari ST Vol.2 - AES (Compute!)
• First Steps on 68000 Assembly Language (Glentop Press)
• GEM on the Atari ST (Data Becker/First Publishing)
• GEM AES Reference Guide to GEM Version 2.0 (Digital Research)
• GEM VDI Reference Guide to GEM Version 2.0 (Digital Research)
• Introduction to GEM-Programming (Digital Research)
• Professional GEM (Antic Publishing)
• The Concise Atari ST 68000 Programmer's Reference Guide (Glentop Press)
• The Atari A-Z (Linnhe Computing)

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